Wedding Date: October 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Encore Formals and Bridal

Engagement Photos Are In

Posted on April 1, 2015 by  Miss Glam Bride   //   Comment

My engagement photos are in and I love every single one of them. All that time I spent stressing over what we would wear was well worth it. I’m glad it’s over, but so happy that it happened.

I will be spending most of my weekend ordering prints and designing my first collage to put on the wall in my dining room. Matt Whytsell is a great photographer and I’m so glad I chose him to capture our special day. Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorites.

 we ❤ this!  #engagementphotos

 we ❤ this!  #engagementphotos

 we ❤ this!  #engagementphotos

 we ❤ this!  #engagementphotos

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Wedding Date: April 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: The Perfect Dress

Glammed Up with Make-Up Trial!

Posted on April 1, 2015 by  Miss Blushing Bride   //   Comment

If you’re wondering whether you should do a  make-up trial or not – the answer in my mind is an absolutely YES! I wanted to see how the look would come out in photos prior to the special day, and doing a trial allows the flexibility to be able to make any changes/tweaks.

I was lucky enough to get a recommendation from my friend Mallory who got married a couple months earlier. She looked incredible on her wedding day and had only positive things to say, so I went with my gut and gave her girl a ring.

Donna, owner and lead artist of Amazing Face NJ, is one of a kind. Not only was she super quick to respond to my massive amounts of questions, but very thoughtful in her responses as well. I decided to secure a trial with her on the day of my bridal shower, that way I could test it out on others/gauge thoughts and not let a make-up session go to waste. She was bubbly and fun, so at first glance I knew we would get along great! We talked about what I envisioned my look to be, which for me was a slightly glammed up version of my natural self. I could not be more in love with how it ended up! Donna also did my mom’s make-up that day; mom didn’t want me to post her “before” photo – and as her loving daughter I must oblige :)

My Before/After Photo we ❤ this!  #bridalmakeupIt is still crazy for me to see how my eyes popped and shined by simply adding on some color to my brows, lashes/mascara, and a subtle cat eye liner.  I felt incredible afterwards and could not stop smiling, as you can see in the picture. I am lucky to have someone like Donna be by my side on my special day!

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Wedding Date: October 2014
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: RK Bridal

I Got It From My Mama

Posted on April 1, 2015 by  Miss Glitzy Bride   //   Comment

After my Maids of Honor helped me into my dress, it was just me and Mom left in the bedroom. She had been with me every moment during those two years leading up to wedding. During that time it was clear to see who I got my organizational skills, sense of humor, budget savviness, drive for perfection, and love of all things glitzy from. I got it all from my Mama.    we ❤ this! #brideandmotherI cannot thank my Mother enough for everything she has done for me over the years. Put succinctly, everything that I am and aspire to be is because of this strong and beautiful woman.    we ❤ this! #brideandmotherShe got a bit teary eyed once she took a good look at me all dressed up. I had to quickly remind her that there would be no ugly crying today. I even got my ugly crying habits from her.   we ❤ this! #brideandmotherI hadn’t really thought much about making it a point to photograph myself putting on my accessories, but I’m glad that our photographer suggested it! Not only did I get some beautiful shots, but it was nice spending some quiet time with my Mom before the ceremony.    we ❤ this! Here I am changing my earrings.   we ❤ this!    we ❤ this! My Mom lends a hand and fastens my necklace and bracelet.    we ❤ this! #brideandmother   we ❤ this! #brideandmother   we ❤ this! #brideandmother   we ❤ this! #brideandmotherThis is one of my favorite photos with my Mom.   we ❤ this! #brideandmotherTime to put on my shoes!   we ❤ this! I love how this photo captures the length and volume of my beautiful train.    we ❤ this! All photos in this blog post were taken by Patrick Somma of Fantasy Flash Photography.

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Wedding Date: June 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Catherine Simms Bridal

My Dream Team!

Posted on April 1, 2015 by  Miss City Lights Bride   //   Comment

Aside from my bridesmaids and our moms, there are three important women that will be in the getting ready suite on wedding day and that’s my own personal dream team! My makeup artist, Jessica Quirini, my hair stylist, Danielle Keller of Dual Attraction and our day of wedding coordinator, Amanda Papko. These three will help to make us the most beautiful versions of ourselves, and help to keep me stress free and things running smoothly.  we ❤ this!  #bridesmaidsHair by Dual Attraction

I’ve talked with so many makeup artists, hair stylists and coordinators and these three ladies are amazing! I cannot wait to see how everything comes together on June 13!

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Wedding Date: September 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Bridal & Formal On Main

Making a B-Lash to the Alter

Posted on March 31, 2015 by  Miss Fashionable Bride   //   Comment

As I get closer to the big day I am finalizing my wedding day look. Me without lashes on the big day would be a makeup disaster…hey, I need to bat my eyes at my new husband! I contacted a very popular company in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in eyelashes, premanant makeup applications, waxing and massages, B-Lash. B-Lashes was founded in 2005. Its purpose was to provide a great alternative to the standard eyelash enhancements that are popular here in Columbus, which is strip lashes and clusters lashes. B-Lashes provides great customer service and is a leader in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman’s natural beauty. I have booked a B-lash party for my bridal party. Eyelashes are actually the most simple addition to your look on your big day that can make a big difference in your look and in pictures .

lashesmakeup by elojelloseropian


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