Wedding Date: October 2014
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: RK Bridal

Stylish Showers

Posted on July 30, 2014 by  Miss Glitzy Bride   //   Comment

Do you love shopping? My three favorite words after “I love you” of course are “let’s go shopping!” So while brainstorming shower ideas with my bridesmaids, we were all aboard for hosting a fashion forward Bridal Shower! Are you a fashionista? Would you love a fashion inspired Bridal Shower?

How cute are these invites? Any one of these would set the tone for a stylish shower!shower1Wedding Paper Divas, Inviting Design Studio, The Fancy Stanton, Pink Paper Trail, Party Paper Creations

Perfume bottles, makeup, jewelry and and mannequins create stylish tables!fashion1Tami Paige Photographytables Pink Mannequin by Lori Studios, Mannequin & Pearls by Weddings by Scott & Dana, Style Domaine Chanel Perfume Bottle, Chanel No. 5 Table Card, Pink Perfume Bottle & Chanel Lipstick by Lori Studios

To satisfy a fashionista’s sweet tooth, designer desserts are a must!sweetsJuicy Couture Cookies by Events by Lana, Dress Cupcake by Janice Hampton, Dress Cake, Clossette Chanel Cookies by Yuka, How Does She High Heel Cupcakes

Of course, no party would be complete without a fabulous cake! Check out these high end cakes by Sweet triple

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Wedding Date: October 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
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Searching for a Wedding Planner

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I’ve been engaged for over a year now and I haven’t accomplished much. A lot of dreaming and hoping, but no actual decisions have been made. Soon, my wedding will be less than a year away. I need to sign on the dotted line on my venue and find a photographer, DJ, florist and baker.

Did I forget anything? I have absolutely no idea.

Last week, I connected with a wedding planner through Twitter. (Where would I be without my social media?) I was able to meet with her and discuss my wedding. I instantly liked her.

She had a genuine passion for planning weddings and has been planning events since high school. She was also very organized and professional. With her IT background, she’s able to look at things from a completely different perspective than I ever could.

I hope I’m able to hire her because I’m going to need someone who will help me keep my sanity throughout this wedding planning process.

Did you face the wedding planning all alone or did you enlist some help?


Photo courtesy of The Wedding Project

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Wedding Date: May 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
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Bridesmaid Luncheon

Posted on July 30, 2014 by  Miss Shabby Chic Bride   //   Comment

I got my ring and I told my family, then it came time to chose my bridesmaids. I chose a total of 9 bridesmaids. Yes,9!! It could’ve been more if I left it up to my mother, but I had to narrow it down to the 9 most important people in my life. My three sisters, that’s including my 10 year old sister who will be a Jr. Bridesmaid, two of my closest cousins, my three best friends which includes my “bridesman”, and my soon to be sister in law. The “asking” part was so fun to plan, what with all the creative ways to ask now, but I decided on a Bridesmaid Luncheon. My cousin designed the invitation. bridesmaidluncheon Design by Steven Christopher

As for how I will “propose” to the girls, I am still working on that. I want the luncheon to have a Victorian or French theme to it with vintage details, so for the proposal I was thinking of customized labels on small wine bottles, and a customized workout shirt for each girl. Here are some ideas I was looking at. I’ll be sure to update you with what I came up with after the luncheon. Stay tuned!


The Schultzes Photography 


Ruth Ellen Photography

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Wedding Date: March 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
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Trash the Dress

Posted on July 30, 2014 by  Miss Rustic-Chic Bride   //   Comment

Many of you may have probably heard of a new thing some brides are doing with their wedding dress after the wedding is over, which is having a “Trash the Dress” photography session. Some of the options may not truly “trash” the dress, like rolling in the sand on the beach, laying pine straw on top, or maybe even getting the bottom couple inches wet in the ocean, but you still get some great pictures. I found some  more extreme options like splashing paint or other colorful things onto the dress, covering it in mud, or the most extreme of all…lighting it on fire! I think this pictures are so cool, and it’s probably a lot of fun for the photographer to shoot…but I don’t think it’s for me!




Sarah Tamagni Photography


Elizabeth Medina Photography


Westmount Photography




Sakura Photography

I even read about some organized “Trash the Dress” events where people are trying to get former brides and grooms to come together and take these pictures as a group.  It might be a fun idea if you could talk some of your best friends into all doing it together after everyone got married, or maybe even if you and your husband did it on a special anniversary years later.

Have any of you done a “trash the dress” shoot, or are planning to?

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Wedding Date: September 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
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Picture Perfect

Posted on July 30, 2014 by  Miss Dancing Diva Bride   //   Comment
A couple of months ago, Chris and I couldn’t decide on a name for our baby girl and it became a bit stressful when we both felt that the name that we chose was THE BEST choice for our own personal reasons.  After some time, a family member attempted to be a mediator and offered suggestions on how we should proceed.  Although this may have seemed helpful, considering that it was Chris’s close family member, I decided it would be best not to get other emotionally connected parties involved and politely declined the assistance.
Despite my reluctance to get family counsel, the idea of getting another OBJECTIVE opinion stuck with me.  In many cases, I actually think it might be very necessary to gain the insight of an unbiased and wise third party that can give suggestions and provide feedback on the many issues that often come up in a marriage.

I know it may sound like something you don’t need because you and your partner have the “Picture Perfect” relationship, but it’s normal for both men and women to feel a bit of anxiety about spending a lifetime with one person.  I mean let’s face it, the bathroom won’t clean itself and that adorable noise that he makes at night, might not be so exciting after 10 years.
Now, it just so happens, that my church requires all couples to participate in premarital counseling several months prior to having their wedding ceremony.  I thought Chris might be a bit hesitant initially, but he’s actually pretty excited to prove that his ideas are better than mine. (We’ll see about that!)
So whether it’s a licensed minister or a practicing family therapist, I think it’s important to consider that you and your “future” just might need to iron out your past and present!  Think about it…
~miss dancing diva


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