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Using Instagram at Your Wedding – Part 1

Posted on December 27, 2013 by  Miss Country Music Bride   //   2 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I love Instagram. Chances are most of your guests also love Instagram (grandma may not know what it is, but I bet your bridal party does!). Since your guests will be taking pictures on their smart phones anyway, you might as well make it easy for them to share all of the details they capture.

The first step to integrating Instagram into your wedding is creating a hashtag. You’ll want to come up with something that describes the day (think your names and the word “wedding”), but is also unique enough that it won’t already be used by somebody else. For instance, if you use #smithwedding, your photos are going to get lost in the stream of all of the other “Smith weddings” (3,359 pictures are already under that hashtag!). Instead, go with #MaryJohnSmithWedding0829; there are exactly zero posts under that hashtag as of today. (Tip: search your hashtag before making your final decision. If there are already photos tagged with that hashtag, add your wedding date or something else to make it unique).

The next step is to let your guests know what your hashtag is! You can put it on your wedding website, print it in your program, or create a unique sign. Here are some ideas for you:



#jeffandkendra, #shaftowedding, #brantnerwedding

Another great idea is to give your guests a place to pose for some photos (especially if you aren’t having a photo booth). Get as creative as you’d like, and do something that fits your theme. Think chalkboards for rustic weddings, a wall of balloons for a more playful theme. (Tip: make your backdrop square! If it’s rectangular, chances are part of it will get cut off in Instagram). Here are a few ideas to inspire your imagination:




Chalkboard Backdrop, Floral Wall by Highway to Hill (photo by Love Life Images), Ribbon Backdrop

Once your guests have uploaded their images, added filters, and tagged them with your unique hashtag, you’ll want to print them! Keep an eye out for my next post where I’ll explain the best ways to get hard copies of your wedding instagram feed!

A little word of caution: it would be wise to kindly ask your guests to stay out of the way of your photographer. You don’t want your guests’ amateur picture taking to get in the way of the professional photographer to whom you paid thousands of dollars to capture your day with beautiful photographs.

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