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Hookah lounge?

Posted on September 11, 2013 by  Miss Fifties Bride   //   4 Comments

 Many of my guests really enjoy hookah. I myself am not really into it. Having an Assyrian husband to be, hookah is something that is just always around. Some of my guests are asking me if there will be a hookah lounge at the wedding. I have never really thought about that.  I am still debating on whether to have one or not as there are a lot of pros and cons in having one.

Pros: Guest will enjoy, keeps people entertained and is very trendy.

Cons: where to set it up, keeping kids away from it and losing my guests to it during the festivities.

I have yet to bring up this idea to Mike; maybe he would be able to make the decision. I think it would be cool to do something different. I just want my guests to be comfortable and have an amazing time. What do you ladies think? Hookah or no Hookah?

Xhale Hookah Lounge



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4 Responses to “Hookah lounge?”

  1. Miss Fairytale Bride says:

    I think that’s interesting, especially if it’s a cultural thing, but I too would be afraid it would take my guests off the dance floor! Fun concept though, let us know what you decide!!!!

  2. Miss Fifties Bride says:

    I am truly considering doing the hookah lodge. I for sure let you all know if it’s going to happen and if so how it worked out.

  3. Miss Fifties Bride says:

    * lounge forgive me all for that typo , I have yet to have my morning coffee !

  4. edgy bride says:

    I think it’s an awesome idea! ESPECIALLY if there are any cultural’s a nice way to showcase that…is there any particular time that you would smoke hookah? like before dinner…at the end of a meal? with drinks only? If you can figure that out-if there is any ediquette to it all, then maybe you can figure out a time during your reception where it will be available to the guests with out losing them to it completely?

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