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Wedding Planners..what they really do

Posted on December 15, 2012 by  Miss Modern Bride   //   Comment

We have all seen these on social media outlets…so here it is..

Many people don’t understand the need for Wedding Planners, but if you were to poll anyone who has hired them, I bet majority of them feel like they couldn’t have made it through the day without them! Wedding planners do much more than what television and movies have portrayed them as doing. They wear many different “hats” throughout the process: teacher (so you know etiquette , stylist (for all of the wardrobe mishaps), lawyer (negotiating contracts), accountant (keeping you on budget), counselor (for all the family drama), referee (again for all of the family drama), spokesperson (when you don’t want to start/deal with the family drama), friend (when you start to feel like nothing is going right and you can’t walk down the aisle), bartender (to help you relax and enjoy your day), and of course firefighter (not literally, but you will never know all of the things that happen behind the scenes, and for that you will be thankful for!) So before you believe the glamorized version of the Wedding Planner (aka J-Lo) is a waste of money, talk to real brides who have used them and consider hiring one if you foresee any of the above happening at your wedding!

Photo: What Wedding Planners Do

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