Wedding Date: October 22, 2011
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
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Warming the Rings

Posted on August 29, 2011 by  Miss Dreamer Bride   //   Comment

A few months back we began planning out the details of our wedding. Among choosing songs, and readings we also wanted to find a way to incorporate our guests into the ceremony. That’s when our priest made a suggestion that we absolutely loved; he suggested that we try something called warming the rings. This was something that neither my fiancée nor I had ever seen or heard of, so we were instantly curious.

What this is, is a process preformed during a wedding ceremony that allows your guests to participate by sending well wishes and prayers. At the beginning of a wedding ceremony the officiant takes the wedding rings and places them in a pouch. He then instructs the guests to pass the ring pouch down the line person by person, giving each guest a moment to hold the pouch and send their positive thoughts and energy towards the marrying couple. I love this idea because all of our family and friends have a chance to be involved in a small part of our ceremony. They all get to hold our rings and send their love towards not only us but our marriage too.

We instantly decided to incorporate Warming the Rings into our ceremony, and I set out to find a nice pouch to place our rings in. I asked my very crafty Aunt if she would help create something for us to use, and thankfully she was happy to help. Here is the pouch she made, compete with our monogrammed initials.

I am so grateful for the super creative women in my family! Thank you Aunt Lorri, you did a beautiful job!

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