Wedding Date: June 2012
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Courtesy of: The Perfect Dress

Sentimental Sweets

Posted on May 23, 2012 by  Miss Peacock Bride   //   Comment

Another great thing about having our wedding reception at Cescaphé Ballroom is that they are customizing our dessert spread to include a few of our favorites. It is awesome to have another opportunity to personalize our big day.

The first dessert that came to mind is the Chinese Egg Custard Tart. My fondness for this treat started back in my early childhood days. Dim sum outings with my family were not complete until we had a few orders of these added to our tab card.

I will also be able to incorporate my Jamaican background by including a traditional Jamaican Wedding Cake, also known as Black Cake, as another dessert offering. This distinctive dark cake is one that has often been traditionally included as a favor at many of my family weddings so I am excited to be able to include it at my wedding as well.

Finally, the last dessert request we made was bread pudding, a shared favorite of David and mine. Specifically, we both are crazy for the bread pudding at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Silk City. Their Chocolate Banana Brioche Bread Pudding is to die for, so much so that we often find ourselves taking strolls to Silk City just to get a serving. If Cescaphé is able to replicate their recipe our guests will be in for a real treat!

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