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Send Offs – Second Thoughts & Indoor Options

Posted on May 9, 2011 by  Miss Ontario Bride   //   1 Comment

On second though, maybe it would be better to have a send off at the end of the ceremony instead of at the end of the reception?

Our wedding ceremony and reception are taking place in the same room. The room is “L” shaped and the reception area will be sectioned off with the crane garlands. That said, it might be nice for the guests to celebrate as Aaron and I walk down the aisle to go outside to take pictures? This would also help to let the guests that the ceremony is officially over and that it is time for them to relax and enjoy the cocktail hour.

Our options for the send-off would be more limited in this scenario as the ceremony area will be converted into the dance floor we won’t be able to do anything that needs to be cleaned up. However, there are quite a few options that might still work.

Ribbon Wands that the guests can wave look like a great idea. You can make them yourself if you are a DIY kind of bride or buy them from one of the sellers on Esty most of whom will customize them anyway you want.

luster studios

Intimate Weddings

Here are a few samples I liked.

pebblescatto’s shop

craftupyourlife’s shop

How about Wedding Bells for your guests to ring? Some can be quite pricey like these silver plated wedding bells.

BellinghamBellCo’s shop

But there are more affordable options as well that are made and marketing to be used at weddings or as wedding favors.

Martha Stewart Weddings

I love these Hand Rolled Wedding Streamers from Esty, they even come complete with finger loops so the guests hold onto them and can easily put them in the garbage when they are done with them.

ExtravagantExits’ shop

The seller has a huge range of colors to choose from.

ExtravagantExits’ shop

Sparklers are a great idea too, especially for an evening wedding.

luster studios

Chad Franz

You can just put a bunch of them in a container.

Red Ribbon Studio

Or package them up to hand to each guest with their program.

EtsyWedTeam’s shop

Whatever you do, if you’re having Sparklers – don’t forget the matches!

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  1. Michelle says:

    the wands are a nice idea, but I LOVE the sparklers!! Beware of the bells….people may hang onto them and if you’re having a dinner they might expect the bride and groom to kiss every time they’re rung!!! I knew a couple who barely got to eat dinner because they spent the whole time kissing…..which might not be such a bad thing! LOL

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