Wedding Date: October 22, 2011
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Our Picnic Bridal Shower

Posted on June 11, 2011 by  Miss Dreamer Bride   //   Comment

Last weekend we had a bridal shower, and we had the most fantastic time! Bridal showers are a great way to relax and unwind, which was something we really needed with all the wedding planning craziness that has taken over our lives! It was also a great opportunity for some of our family members that have not yet met each other to know one another before the wedding. Though typically a shower would fall on a fall on a day closer to the wedding (usually two months before the wedding date) we decided it was better for us to have one earlier, due to our crazy schedules.

Thinking about shower ideas really was half the fun! A few months ago a few of my Aunts and bridesmaids started discussing plans of throwing us a shower, and since I had requested to it to not be a surprise party, they asked me if I had any thoughts. So we started thinking about possible ideas and we quickly realized that the possibilities are nearly endless, and so much fun to play with! We started by trying to personalize our shower to what worked best for us. It was fun tossing out creative themes and ideas, but ultimately we determined that what we really wanted was to have a couple’s shower/ picnic. Thought it’s slightly less traditional, my fiancée and I both really liked the idea of a less formal party, and the ability to invite all of our friends and family (rather then just the women).

So we invited our close friends and family and had a great Saturday filled with lots of fun, tasty sangria and great food, and the people closest to us wishing us well in our future together. It was a great party, and I cannot thank my wonderful Aunts and bridesmaids enough for all their efforts in making this a memorable and fun occasion for us both. Below are a few websites we found to be really helpful in planning a bridal shower, complete with useful checklists, and great ideas for fun themes and games.

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