Wedding Date: October 22, 2011
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
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Let’s Celebrate the New Husband & Wife!

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What to throw… that is the question. As we turn and make our walk up the isle as a newly wed husband and wife, we want our guests to help us celebrate this joyous occasion. There are tons of great ways to celebrate the new marriage, but which way is the best for our wedding? Here are a few of the options we are deciding between.

Tons of fun, but maybe not the most environmentally friendly options:

- Throwing rice is a classic idea, and in some cultures they believe that the rice that gets stuck in a bride’s dress can bring good luck, or even symbolize how many children the happy couple will have. The only problem is that is not great for birds that will eat, and then have trouble digesting, the rice that is left behind.

- Or you could try releasing balloons. This will look great in your wedding photos, but what goes up must eventually come down. When these balloons do eventually come down then can create a mess if the land on power lines, or are found by animals that mistake the balloons for food.


No Cleanup Required Options:

Depending on where you get married, there may be some restrictions on what you are allowed to throw at the newly weds. This is primarily because of the mess, and the following cleanup that is required. Here are a few great options that require little to no cleanup.

- Ribbon wands are gaining in popularity, especially with crafty brides interested in a fun DIY project. No cleanup to worry about, and look how great your photographs can turn out!

- Or try passing out signs to wave. This could be a lot of fun too, especially if you are having a sports theme wedding. Making signs is another super fun DIY project, and I’m sure your guests will have a great time with these. Definitely great photo opportunities here!

- Looking for a quick and easy option? Try blowing bubbles! There are tons of places you can get cute individual bubble containers designed specifically for a wedding. I love this option because it is quick and easy, and your photos have a fun, and young sort-of innocence to them. I have heard some even make some bubble mix that won’t pop as quickly. Just try not to let too many bubbles to land on your dress, I imagine it would make a soapy mess!

- If you are trying to shy away from having things actually thrown at you, try passing out small bells for your guests to ring as you walk by. This option is classy and simple, and will result in a day filled with bells ringing just for you.


BubblesRibbon Wand

Great Classics

- Using bird seed to throw at the bride and groom as they make there exit is nice because you get the same traditional feel as using rice, but without the potential of hurting the birds. You just have to hope they won’t swoop in to eat the seed too soon!

- Tossing flower petals is one of my favorite options. Not only to the photos look great, but you are showered with flower petals, and who wouldn’t like that?

- How about throwing glitter or confetti as the happy couple passes? This option will be considerably messier and the cleanup will be more complicated, but it will certainly be tons of fun for you and your guests and it is cheaper than most other options.

- Tossing dried lavender is a great option because it will smell fantastic, and I think it is a very classy option to use.

Bird SeedFlower Petals


Pricy & Complicated but Still Very Nice:

- Can you imagine releasing a box of butterflies or a few white doves moments after you say “I do”? This is an option sure to wow your guests, but it can get a little expensive and potentially messy. It really does look great if everything goes as planned, but with live animals things don’t always go as planned…

- Lighting sparklers to hold up as the newly weds walk by is a stunning way to honor the new couple, but whatever you do don’t get too close to the bride or groom’s attire with a lit sparkler!


There are also great seasonal options that you can play around with like fake snow in the winter, or pumpkin seeds in the fall. The options are nearly unlimited, so which one to choose??

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