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I just came across some great ways to use Jell-O (of all things) to create amazing and potentially delicious things for your wedding. Who knew Jell-O could be so cool?

When I came across these Jell-O centerpieces I was blown away. They look great, are easy to make and would be very affordable. You would get a lot of impact for not a lot of money with these. I wouldn’t advise eating them though. You can find the instructions on how to make them at Wedding Obsession.

You could even take it a step further and create a multicolor effect. While this one might be a bit too bright for most weddings, imagine the same thing done with your wedding colors or in an ombre design? You can find the instructions on how to do this at Zakka Life.

You can also use Jell-O to create guest favors like these “Cosmo Bites” Jell-O Lollipops. You can find the instructions at Hostess Jo. If I were using them for wedding favors, I would wrap them up nicely with some cellophane and ribbon.

And we can’t forget Jell-O shooters. But, of course, since this is a wedding the typical Jell-O and vodka in a dixie cup might not make for the best presentation. Never fear, The Brides’ Guide: Martha Stewart Weddings has some amazing ideas on how to make Jell-O chic and fashionable. The cucumber-lime margarita shots tied with cucumber ribbons, bramble cocktail shots with blackberries, and the Washington apple shots were my favorites.

I may just have to find a way to incorporate Jell-O into our wedding somehow. Cucumber-lime margarita shots anyone? They do fit in with our color scheme after all!

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