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Budget Reception Tips

Posted on September 15, 2010 by  Miss DIY Bride   //   1 Comment

Our wedding rentals have been ordered through our caterer and we were anticipating a bit of a discount for doing so. This was not the case and the rentals cost much more than expected. Because of this, we only rented the necessities and are either not having or are purchasing the other items ourselves.

Necessary Items:

  • White wooden folding chairs.
  • Dinner plates.
  • Forks and knives.
  • White napkins.
  • And wine glasses.

Unnecessary Items:

  • White floor length tablecloths.
  • Colored table overlays.
  • Charger, dessert and appetizer plates.
  • Drinking glasses.

The table linens can be purchased much cheaper online than being rented. Online, I have found a square organza table overlay for about $10 less than the rental price. Some sites include; and Because the linens were so inexpensive, I decided to order 4 sashes as well (use to be determined later).

For the bride on a budget, purchasing your own linens saves money, and although you may not use these after the big day, there are sites like Wedding Bee and Craigslist that you can easily post your items for sale and get your money back as if you had rented them in the first place.

We found that buying the linens ourselves offered more flexibility in creating exactly what we were looking for and turned out to be less expensive. Below is our vision thanks to Photoshop.

As for the other items, we found that we simply didn’t need them or the caterer was providing an alternative in the catering price. Charger plates are for decoration only and with a buffet-style meal wouldn’t be necessary. The caterer is providing white plastic plates for both the appetizers and dessert and although I did not want plastic-ware this saves us 50 cents per plate. We opted out of ordering drinking glasses because we will be providing individual bottles of soda, water, and alcoholic beverages.

If you are a bride on a budget, keep in mind, you don’t NEED everything the rental company may suggest. Before committing to renting everything, do some online browsing to see what you can buy for less than renting and only rent the necessities.

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