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Wedding Date: June 2011
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A Unity Ceremony a Little Off the Beaten Path

Posted on February 11, 2011 by  Miss Shutterbug Bride   //   1 Comment

Thanks to a tip from one of my fellow bride bloggers, I discovered what I think will be the perfect unity ceremony for our wedding (and inexpensive to boot)!

Being that we are marrying on the beach, of course we can’t do candles, which is traditional and the route I’d planned on going, though I was a little hesitant.  It’s just SOOOO traditional, and we are just not a traditional couple.  I was suggested the sand ceremony by my mother, which would be fitting with the beach surroundings and all, but it just seemed like it wouldn’t be a great fit, or really that meaningful to us.  Besides, the one thing I do not need is one more thing just sitting around our house.  So, I turned to my brides-to-be for some great creative recommendations.  Here’s a quick list of the various suggestions they’d given me, and some that I’d found on my own:

Hand tying ceremony

Colored water ceremony

Wine ceremony (I did consider this one, and we still may add this in somehow…)

Rose ceremony

Unity Cross

God’s Knot

Braiding of ribbons (maybe the same as God’s knot)

Love letter ceremony

Vows said while touching a stone (Celtic tradition – “set in stone”… like this one, too, and definitely still feasible)

Truce bell, though not really a unity ceremony

Then there’s the one I really loved, the painting ceremony!  It’s a unity painting where two colors are poured onto a canvas or plank of wood to signify the couples coming together as the paints do, unable to be separated.  I haven’t quite worked out the complete logistics of this yet, but I absolutely adore the idea of creating something we could hang on our wall that would signify our day and our love for one another.  I thought it would be nice to use our wedding colors, which are colors we love anyway, and to have our parents bring the paints up and blend them for us since both of our parents are actually divorced.  So we would do a pale green and a brown.   Each set of divorced parents would bring up one component of each color, totaling 4 colored paints.  (Pale blue and pale yellow to make the pale green… you get the idea).  I thought it would be cute, too, after a suggestion from a fellow bride, to incorporate our son in this exercise, and have him pour white.  This would blend with each of our colors individually, joining us not only as a couple but as a family.

Etsy seller genuinebranches has some great products, and wonderful pictures of the process and potential end result:

Unity Painting from genuinebranches on Etsy

Unity Painting End Result from genuinebranches on Etsy

I am so excited!  Of course, you know I’ll have to do a mini-trial run… let you know how it turns out!

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