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Wedding Date: June 2011
Wedding Dress: kathy ireland Weddings by 2be
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Tin Can Table Ideas

Posted on May 5, 2011 by  Miss Shutterbug Bride   //   1 Comment

Turns out, that when your wedding is near a swimming pool, glass is a little bit (or a LOT bit) frowned-upon.  Our solution, in trying to keep with our budget and find something a little original, earthy, and vintage all at the same time, was to look into tin can centerpiece ideas.  Nothing else really seemed to fit.  We love the look of Mason jars, but hellloo!  Glass!   So we’re up-scaling a tin can.

With some help from my mother, some great tin can wedding centerpieces were found.  She sent me an email of ideas that have basically manifested this blog, with a couple of additions of my own.  (Thanks, Mom!)

My favorite are these simplistic but elegant tin cans tied with lace, and packed with a singular flower from  The larger cans hold the combined arrangement of the loose stems, and all-together, they come out gorgeous!  I just love the overall look, and the clean lines (and minimal effort) they make. Tin Can Centerpieces, Gielie and Ilana's Wedding

The next is certainly a clever idea for a more natural centerpiece, and while a little more labor-intensive, the result is amazing!  If only I had a plethora of moss growing around my house, I’d for sure consider this one.  Instead, we might opt for something a little more beachy, but I still wanted to share the idea, as it was pretty amazing!

DIY Moss Centerpieces,

My last stumble, and new “love” are tin can lanterns.  It’s truly amazing what can be poked into a tin can.  Apparently, the key to easy poking is to get a good sharp ice pick (or tool from pretty useful tools’ website) and to freeze water inside the tin cans before attempting the hole poking.  Otherwise you’ll end up with a dented mess.  Good to know, before I waste what small amount of cans we have to work with!  Check these out.  Simply amazing! Tin Can Lanterns

I’d vote that we end up with something influenced by these ideas, incorporating, of course, our own unique style elements.  I can’t wait to share what happens in the end!!!

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