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Wedding Date: June 2012
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Courtesy of: The Perfect Dress

My Feathered Tale: Postlude

Posted on August 12, 2012 by  Miss Peacock Bride   //   1 Comment

This is my very last post as Miss Peacock Bride. It has been a rewarding experience contributing to this site. I hope that I have found a way to inspire others through my wedding planning experiences. Now my Feathered Fairy Tale has come to an end, but I am thankful to have memories and photos that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

As some of you may recall, where we would take pictures was up for much debate all throughout wedding planning. As fate would have it the perfect place for our wedding photos was not only one of the closest to our church it was also one of the coolest sites in Philadelphia: Race Street Pier. Here are just a few of my favorite memories captured on my wedding day!

Race Street Pier features the Ben Franklin Bridge as its backdrop as well as expansive spaces that could easily hold our massive bridal party.

I love the way the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s ensembles came together. Those fans came in very handy during the heatwave!

I am so happy that we got this group shot with the trolley. We were so anxious to get into the air conditioning that we almost overlooked the opportunity. Luckily our driver is a pro and knew this would make for an unforgettable photo.

Last, but not least, the classic wedding pose that will never lose its coolness in my book. Ah, I just love my dress and my husband!

Photos by: David Chen

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Wedding Date: June 2012
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Courtesy of: The Perfect Dress

Cescaphe Ballroom

Posted on January 8, 2012 by  Miss Peacock Bride   //   1 Comment

It’s a dream come true that our wedding reception will be held at Cescaphe Ballroom.  I remember the first time I discovered it back in the spring of 2008.  Less than a year into our relationship, my boyfriend was visiting me in Philadelphia when we set out to explore my neighborhood of Northern Liberties. I was a newcomer that year,  and at the time there were a handful of bars and restaurants in the area that I was excited to experience.

We approached one place that had a large archway, people were formally dressed and were enjoying conversations and cocktails in a brick courtyard lit with gas lamps. It had such a great vibe, we both wanted to get in there and get a drink ourselves. We wasted no time and asked the bouncer-looking dude standing at the entrance what was inside.  He replied, “An event venue for weddings and such.” I was immediately intrigued, and I had to wonder, could I be standing next to my intended at the doorstep of our future wedding venue?

Much has changed since that day. The neighborhood has developed quite a bit, the opening of the Piazza in 2009 brought a lot of great attention to the area.  Also, I’m now engaged and proud to announce my fiancé is the same wonderful gentleman who was my partner in discovering Cescaphe!

When we first got engaged I knew Cescaphe would be on our short list.  After much research I learned that Cescaphe had earned an excellent reputation for its food, service, and attention to detail.  We toured a few venues including Cescaphe’s newest addition to Northern Liberties, Tendenza. At the time it was a construction site, and although I could see the vision nothing compared to the classic look and elegance of Cescaphe Ballroom.

In the end we decided on the first venue I (we) ever laid eyes on.  I’m so excited to have our wedding at Cescaphe Ballroom!  I cannot go without mentioning that I was thrilled to discover on our tour that they have animal print in the carpeting!   Check out the precious moment that was captured by photographer Rebecca Barger.

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