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Wedding Date: August 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Bridal Beginning

Hard as Nails – Volume 2

Posted on January 25, 2013 by  Miss Detailed Bride   //   8 Comments

Continuing my search from a previous post for the perfect bridal nails, I’ve decided to explore a more subtle option.  Pale shades of blush and neutral colors are feminine and elegant, and they make the perfect accent to your bridal attire.  These polishes compliment all dresses and accessories, and I love the soft, classy touch they add to a traditional manicure.

Photo Credits:  Viva Polish


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Wedding Date: August 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Bridal Beginning

Hard as Nails – Volume 1

Posted on January 23, 2013 by  Miss Detailed Bride   //   1 Comment

I have made many crucial decisions regarding my wedding day “look”…my dress, my shoes, my hair, my jewelry…all thought out and picked to perfectly reflect my style as a bride.  However, one area I haven’t given much thought…my nails.  I know that you’re probably thinking, “That’s such a small detail, you have plenty of time,” but being Miss Detailed Bride, no detail is too small!

One thing is for certain, I want my nails to be subtly elegant, but still show off my fun feminine side.  Therefore, I’ve decided to start my search with a classic…the French manicure.

Here are a few of my favorites, including the traditional style, as well as some modern twists to jazz up your nails for the big day!

Photo Credits clockwise from top left: Nails1Nails2Nails3Nails4Nails5




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Wedding Date: July 2012
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: NWL Contemporary Dresses

Nailed it!~

Posted on February 29, 2012 by  Miss Sparkly Bride   //   2 Comments

I’ve crossed off (most of) the major items off my to-do list.. so now I’m looking at the small details that will make our day extra special!

I’ve started to look at different options for nail polish. I absolutely love nail polish, especially after being a nail-bitter for years! While searching for fun and creative options that would be fit for a bride-to-be, I’ve come across the idea of an accent nail!~ Making that left ring finger feel extra special.. Can’t quite picture it? Let me show you….

I love this idea so much! I think doing something more dramatic (bright, fun crazy pattern) for your shower / bachelorette party… and then a little more glam and sparkly for the big day! I am dying to try the last manicure idea! LOVE!

What do you think of this accent finger tend… yay or nay?!

Photos: Teal Sparkles / Ice Cream / Blues / Sparkly Pink / Hot Pink Wild Child

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Wedding Date: November 2012
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Courtesy of: Stylish Impressions

::Caution:: Wet Paint!

Posted on June 11, 2011 by  Miss Celestial Bride   //   Comment

We’ve all been there; freshly painted manicure, purse fumbling, door opening, payment and key retrieval equals ten more minutes in the chair whilst getting chastised for not waiting long enough to dry. Not to mention this ALWAYS seems to happen when we’re off to some place important, like say, a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower or -GASP- our wedding! Having witnessed, and heard the horror stories myself, I personally would love to save myself from this fate because NO ONE wants to deal with the ten minute touch-up with a riled up bridezilla attached to that hand.  Well I think I just found love….again!

I personally just tried Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects nail strips in “Laced up”, and let me tell you, they’re great!

I was definitely skeptical at first. I pictured mess, stress, and it ending with nail strips stuck to my dog and me running away from the scene. But feeling brave and adventurous with my dollar off coupon in hand I figured, what the heck. One episode of “The Big Bang Theory” later, I had some pretty neat fingers, if I do say so myself.

Each kit comes with 16 nail strips, a 3 textured file, and a cuticle stick to push them back (remember ladies, never cut your own cuticles if you don’t know how because it can lead to infections). Any mistakes come off with simple nail polish remover and set time is faster then I’ve ever seen.

A Few Tips:

1. For your first time, choose a “flavor” of nail strip that will easily hide any accidental stretching or creasing. Since it is real nail polish, the first time takes some getting used to, so lace or glitter patterns work really well.

2. Size all your finger to corresponding nail strips before you start- that way theres no hunting to slow you down.

3. Warm the strips in your hands before you apply, it will make the polish easier to mold onto your finger.

4. Lastly, we all know that no matter how fast a polish says it will dry, it’s usually not recommended to mess with it much. While you can certainly do A LOT more just after you apply these, I don’t recommended any water playing (i.e. showering, dishes, gardening) until they set hard.

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Wedding Date: November 2011
Wedding Dress: The James Clifford Collection
Courtesy of: Uptown Bridal

Makeup for your Fingers…

Posted on September 28, 2010 by  Miss Souzouteki Bride   //   Comment

Most of my friends know that my nails are typically decorated with funky designs and colors.  Therefore showing up with just a white french tip for our wedding wouldn’t exactly be my style.

I have searched for cherry blossom & wedding nail designs online and have found the ideas below.  I think I will need to try a new design each month to decide which one I will want for our wedding.

I like that these nails are simple, yet a step up from a french tip.

These nails are on the opposite side of simple.  I have never had a 3D nail design, they may be difficult to work with…

I like the thought behind this design, but think there might be too much going on…

I like that this design has the pink tip and the cherry blossoms decorating the top portion.

This design is a little too dark for a wedding.  However, I do like the combination of bamboo and cherry blossoms.

I really like the balance of simple colors and fun designs.  If I used this design for my fingers, i would only have it as a tip, not the entire nail.

I really like these nails, too.  A white french tip, with a cherry blossom design.  A touch of class, and a touch of “me”.

I like the cherry blossom branches on these nails.  Although, I think the light aqua color would be too much for a wedding.

These nails might be nice, with fewer colors.

I like these colors, however, I would want the flowers to be cherry blossoms and the black dashes to be branches.

The colors and design on these nails are nice. I also like the use of black cherry blossoms and white branches shown on the perfume bottle.  It may also be worth it for me to look into finding cherry blossom nail stickers. This would ensure that the cherry blossoms turn out exactly how i want them, instead of expecting my nail techs to paint each cherry blossom individually.

Thank goodness I’ve been going to XO Nails for a while, at least they are used to my elaborate designs… and I am comfortable with all the people that work there.

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