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Wedding Date: March 2014
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Camarillo Bridal

Custom Aisle Runners

Posted on June 9, 2013 by  Miss Passionate Bride   //   Comment

I came across a picture of an aisle runner that was customized with the bride and groom’s monogram. I thought this was a great idea to add another personal touch to the ceremony! You could have your names, the date, your monogram, or even a favorite quote. What would you put on your custom aisle runner?

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Wedding Date: August 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Bridal Beginning

Aisles with Style

Posted on November 14, 2012 by  Miss Detailed Bride   //   Comment

There are so many details that go into a wedding, and being the meticulous bride that I am, each one of these details is important to me.  I am always looking for ways to add personality and elegance to our ceremony and reception, all while tying everything into our black and white damask color scheme.

I believe that aisle runners can add the perfect extra touch of style to any ceremony location.  They can be used to designate the aisle in an outdoor ceremony, or dress-up the aisle for a traditional church wedding.  Typically, a bride will make her walk down a white runner, but many companies, such as the Original Runner Company, offer personalized aisle runners to match your themes and wedding colors.    Since so much thought has gone into how I will look as I walk down the aisle on my wedding day, shouldn’t I ensure that the aisle looks perfectly stylish as well?

Photo Credits:  The Original Runner Company

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Wedding Aisle Style

Posted on September 13, 2012 by  David   //   12 Comments

Wow, so how much money do you spend when you’re working on the design for your aisle during your ceremony?  Typically not a lot because to me, the wedding should be about the magic of the processional (maybe lots of candles down the aisle) and about the ceremony going on at the top of the aisle.  BUT, if you do want to spend a lot of money on the aisle, make sure what you do is seen high enough that it doesn’t block the view of the seats looking toward the bride and the groom.

In the photos you’re looking at now, you’re seeing:  suspended chandeliers with arches of fabric that don’t block the view of the ceremony area, a custom runner that is a wonderful look to add to the personality overall to the wedding and drapery behind you which doesn’t distract from the walls, giving you a blank canvas when the photos are taken so you just see the bride and groom.  Those are the three places to focus your money on when designing your wedding ceremony area, but here’s a rule of thumb: if you spend a lot of money on your aisle and ceremony design, you better step it up when you walk into the celebration space so it’s even more dramatic than the ceremony space.

Down the Aisle in Style ~ David

all photos by Maring Visuals

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