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Wedding Date: August 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Bridal Beginning

Invitations Galore!

Posted on August 11, 2012 by  Miss Detailed Bride   //   11 Comments

I’ve begun my search for wedding invitations, and little did I know how overwhelming this could be.  Square cards, circular cards, folded cards, layered invitations, gatefolds, petal folds, pocket folds…the choices are truly endless!  After staring at my computer for two days straight, and clicking through thousands of options, I’ve narrowed my search to pocket folds and panel pockets.  These styles add a touch of elegance to the standard wedding invitation, and I love that they can be personalized to match your style.

Although I am searching for invitations that are out of the ordinary, I’m not looking for something that will break the bank.  This job calls for my Cricut® machine!  It’s been put to good use creating my scrapbooks, but now its time to expand into DIY wedding invitations.  Personalized sets of these invitations are often expensive, so I plan to order basic white pockets, and jazz them up myself.

All it takes is a die cut bellyband, or a monogrammed embellishment and that simple white pocket goes from blah to bold!

You can also create your own ornate gatefold invitations.  All you need is a piece of scrapbook paper and the Paper Lace Cricut® cartridge, and you get the look of expensive laser cut invitations.

Don’t forget the thank yous!  Add flare to your cards by embellishing them with unique Cricut® cutouts.

Photo Credits:  Bellyband; Gatefold; Thank You

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Wedding Date: November 2011
Wedding Dress: The James Clifford Collection
Courtesy of: Uptown Bridal

Labeling Black Envelopes

Posted on June 1, 2011 by  Miss Souzouteki Bride   //   1 Comment

When we decided on black envelopes we really hadn’t even thought about HOW we would label/address them until it came time to mail out our Save the Dates.

The stamps we ordered looked great on the envelopes. However, plain white address labels might distract from the fun aspect of the stamp. We had to come up with a complimentary label, without it costing a fortune… and without it resorting to me writing on each and every envelope.

Here’s what we came up with…

For the addresses on the front I used 4″x3.5″ white labels.  Using the word template for these labels, i added the cherry blossoms clip art & did a mail merge.  After all the labels were printed, i used my Cricut to cut the sakura flower shape.  For the return addresses on the back, I used a full sheet of sticker paper.  After i printed our address on the sheet, I used a small sakura punch to carefully include all our info.

The flowers really compliment our theme and our stamp (and match the magnet we included with our Save the Date).

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Wedding Date: May 2011
Wedding Dress: kathy ireland Weddings by 2be
Courtesy of: CM Bridals

DIY Cricut Cupcake Wrappers

Posted on January 1, 2011 by  Miss DIY Bride   //   2 Comments

As mentioned in my previous blog “Cupcake Wrappers”, I decided to do them myself on my mom’s Cricut die cutting machine. At the time this seemed more cost effective and allowed me more creative control. Would I do it again, probably not?

I bought the Cupcake Wrapper cartridge and figured out which design I liked the best on a white mid weight sheet of paper. This paper cut wonderfully and my fiancé and I both agreed on the Leaf pattern.

I decided to use the same paper that was used for my invitations. It is a metallic paper in plum and orange. The down side; this paper is a bit finicky and required multiple test and adjustments on the Cricut to get the cuts as crisp as possible. Once I figured out the best settings, I realized just how long each sheet of two would take to cut, 13 minutes! Let’s remember that I have 130 of these to create. So basically all of the wrappers will take approximately 14 hours to make.

I love how they look and am excited that they will be exactly what I was looking for but the time it takes to make them is definitely not worth it in the end when doing this many at one time. It makes sense that they sell for $50 a dozen online. However, the cartridge will come in use for smaller events.

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Wedding Date: May 2011
Wedding Dress: kathy ireland Weddings by 2be
Courtesy of: CM Bridals

Cupcake Wrappers

Posted on November 15, 2010 by  Miss DIY Bride   //   Comment

Freedom Bakery suggested that we use colored cupcake wrappers to differentiate between the marble cupcakes and the lemon curd cupcakes for our cupcake tree. Because my colors are plum and orange she was unable to find anything pre-made and would have to have them custom made which would be more expensive.

Being on a budget, having them custom made wasn’t an option. I did some research and found some cupcake liners by Wilton that came in packs of orange, plum and teal. Of course the teal wouldn’t match but the others would be perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is what the baker had in mind. Cupcake liners actually get baked with the cupcakes, a cupcake wrapper would go on the outside of the liners and would look more professional and finished. But how do I find cupcake wrappers that are affordable yet custom?

Just this past weekend, my mom was showing me her new toy, the Cricut, a personal electronic cutter she bought to make her own customized dye cuts for scrapbooking. This machine is AMAZING! With the touch of a button the Cricut cuts beautiful designs found on Cricut cartridges. Not only does it do dye cuts out of paper for scrapbooking but you can make your own cards, car/wall decals and pretty much anything that involves cutting shapes out of paper. We were testing out some cartridges to see if any of the bird designs matched my theme for the wedding. (This was for a little project I’m doing for flowergirl gifts.)

When searching for cupcake wrappers today to see if I could find some in my colors, I found a Cricut cartridge that makes cupcake wrappers. How perfect!! Not only would this save money but it would also allow me to pick my own paper. These could be made from the paper used from my invitations with an intricate dye cut design or I could go simple with a dye cut edge on patterned paper. I’m very excited to see where this goes and even more excited that I have another reason to use the Cricut!

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