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Wedding Date: November 2012
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Courtesy of: Stylish Impressions

Literary Beauty

Posted on September 29, 2011 by  Miss Celestial Bride   //   Comment

I know, and have been told on numerous occasions, that I have an addiction to the website But it is ALWAYS worth it. For example, the wedding I have been planning is what I like to describe as traditional with a twist, and while surfing the many “pins” in the wedding search, I found these and just knew.

Found here, the author gives step by step instructions with great photos to keep all DIYers on the same page.

To get the full affect you really have to visit the site, but my true inspiration was this photo.

Then, all of a sudden, I could (FINALLY) see my bouquet in my minds eye. I can create these beautiful flowers (from the music score of our song, of course) and have them incorporated in a tight arrangement of ivory peonies, and deep burgundy accent flowers , with the stems wrapped in silk clasped with a cute star pin. I finally have that perfect picture that can be explained to a florist and be built into creation. I can’t wait to see the outcome, but for now it’s time to practice some paper roses!

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Wedding Date: November 2011
Wedding Dress: The James Clifford Collection
Courtesy of: Uptown Bridal

Kids Craft Table

Posted on July 3, 2011 by  Miss Souzouteki Bride   //   Comment

As mentioned in a previous post, we will be having a kids craft table at our wedding. Todd and I love kids and spend much of our free time with our nieces and nephews.  Since there will be approximately 50 kids at our wedding, we want to make sure we offer something fun for them.

Todd remembers going to weddings when he was a kid and getting bored. As we were brainstorming activities for kids at the wedding, I was making crafts with my niece.  We decided to ask her what she thinks would be fun to do at our wedding besides dancing and a photo-booth.  She said, “we could make things.”  Todd nodded, looked at me and said, “a craft table is so you.  The kids would be able to make whatever they want and take it home with them.”

We decided that we wanted all the crafts to have an asian influence.  We thought about all the fun crafts that are made at the annual Matsuri festival:  kanji, origami flowers, kimono sun-catchers, bookmarks, cards, and many, many more.  We will keep the crafts simple enough that kids can make them on their own, or with a little help from the older kids in attendance.

This is what we decided on:

*the mini fans (of course!).  Along with markers and asian stamps to decorate the fans.

*kimono (and other asian inspired) sun-catchers. These are very easy to DIY.  I will copy asian designs on overhead sheets and cut them into squares. The kids will simply color the designs with markers. e, viola!

*origami.  We will provide origami paper and xeroxed instructions of very simple, easy-to-make creations

*asian bordered paper. Sometimes kids just want paper to draw on.

*asian coloring book. Cute and easy for the younger kids.

…and to complete it all, a small bag that they can take everything home in.

We think this will be a great way to keep the kids busy and entertained, so the parents can enjoy themselves as well.

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