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Wedding Date: August 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Bridal Beginning

Don’t Forget the Ceremony

Posted on May 11, 2013 by  Miss Detailed Bride   //   Comment

When thinking about the decorations for my wedding day, I have spent 90% of my time focused on the reception hall.  My attention has been occupied by the color of the linens, the style of the centerpieces…even the smaller details like place settings and favors.  The vision I have for our reception venue is slowly coming to life, but I’ve given very little thought to the decorations for our ceremony.  We are getting married in a Catholic church in our hometown, and thankfully the venue itself doesn’t need elaborate décor because the sanctuary speaks for itself.  We plan keep the atmosphere understated with simple bows on the pews and candelabras framing the alter.

But what if you’re a bride who chooses a ceremony location other than a church?  How do you bring the focus of your guests to the alter location if one doesn’t already exist?  There are so many ideas for developing a focal point during your vows, and with a little creativity and inspiration, you can have a cohesive theme between the ceremony location and your reception venue.  Even though our ceremony will take place in a church, I am in love with these eye catching ideas for ceremony décor.  Whether your venue is indoors or out, the inspiration is endless for creating a ceremony location that shows off your personality and wedding theme just as much as your reception hall.

Winter Elegance

Outdoor Romance

An Aisle of Petals

A Canopy of Flowering Trees

Make a Statement

Whimsical Garden

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Wedding Date: September 2012
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Courtesy of: Emelina's Bridal & Boutique

Ceremony Decorations

Posted on October 19, 2012 by  Miss Vintage Bride   //   1 Comment

I didn’t get to see the ceremony site before the wedding. I had discussed everything with my florist and my contacts at the venue and I honestly believed it would be perfect! And it was! Angela, my florist, brought my vision to life and made everything so beautiful! I didn’t get to enjoy it until after the ceremony because as soon as I entered the site my eyes were locked on my future husband, but afterward I really got to see it and appreciate how absolutely beautiful it was!

Photo Credit: Mike Briggs Photography

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Wedding Date: April 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: The Country Bride

New Backdrops

Posted on August 8, 2012 by  Miss Sophisticated Bride   //   Comment

We’ve all seen the streamers and paper wheel designs used as backdrops for a wedding ceremony or flag banners hung up behind the dessert table. They’re simple and beautiful but I’ve found myself looking for something else, something new and equally crafty. How about a Sun-catcher!

Remember those refrigerator magnets we made as children using plastic beads and an iron? Same idea here, just take plastic beads (I would use translucent ones) and line a metal baking pan in any size or shape (tin lids above), then bake at 375 degrees until melted down. It may smell, so make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Use your wedding colors and even add a design or monogram!

Drill holes in the plastic and string together to make a sun-catcher backdrop or to use as a divider in the space to separate the ceremony from reception.

Pink lids, Yard Hangings, Blue Discs

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Wedding Date: January 2012
Wedding Dress: Destinations by Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Diva Boutique

The Ceremony

Posted on March 14, 2012 by  Miss Ontario Bride   //   Comment

I’m going to break up my recap posts into sections so I can share more of the pictures and details with everyone. The ceremony turned out really well with just a few minor glitches…

Here is the ceremony space all set up with the guests seated and waiting for things to get started. It was pretty much as I envisioned it. The 1,000 cranes are off to the sides (on the outside of the guests). We used them on black dividers which were used to separate the ceremony space from the cocktail and lounge areas which were off to either side. I wanted to have the ceremony in this particular spot because I liked the architectural detail of the archway/doorway on the back wall of the Fermenting Cellar. If you look closely you will see the black screens and the cranes off the sides of some of the other pictures as well.

Here are our ushers taking their seats – Aaron’s cousin Stephen and my good friend Karen.

Then Aaron came in with his Dad, Eric. They lit a memorial candle for Aaron’s mother Kathy who passed away from cancer before Aaron and I met. We wanted to do something special to honour her memory.

This photo of the candle, the love letter ceremony box and my Christian Louboutin’s was taken after the ceremony by my good friend Becky. The candle and love letter box were sitting on the ledge of the archway on the back wall where we held the ceremony.

Next are the wedding party who entered to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

First our two junior groomsmen – my nephews Jimmy and Davey. This is one of the small mishaps we had, they were supposed to be carrying a banner I made that said “we do.” – it’s really too bad that it was lost but hey, the show must go on. Here’s a tip though, you might want to remind younger wedding party participants not to make weird faces when walking up the aisle. My nephew, Jimmy, (to the right) is making a funny face in every picture. Maybe, I’ll save this for his wedding?

Next was the wedding party. Aaron and I chose not to have a Maid of Honour or Best Man so the order of how everyone came in was just random.

The first two to enter were Aaron’s good friend Graham and Aaron’s cousin Catherine. You can also see the cranes in the background of this picture.

Next in were my cousin Mark and my sister Crystal.

Aaron’s sister Colleen and his good friend Dan.

Then came Aaron’s brother Ken and my good friend Tammy. Yes, Ken does have a mohawk and no we didn’t ask him to change it so we could have “perfect” pictures. We wanted everyone to be themselves.

Finally were my brother Mike and my good friend Andrea. You probably can’t tell in this picture but she is 7-months pregnant here. The convertible dresses worked out really well and were flattering on everyone, with or without the baby bump!

My nephew and godson, Brody was our ring bearer. He wanted to walk up alone and he did such a great job. He carried the actual rings and gave them to Graham without a problem.

And finally there was our flower girl, my niece Madison. She was supposed to have a basket of flowers and petals to throw as she walked but for some reason she never got them. Luckily I had gotten her a corsage as well so it wasn’t as obvious that she was missing it. Still, she was a bit disappointed so that was a little upsetting. Still she looked beautiful. She decided to wear the green flower belt that I made for her too!

Next it was time for my big entrance. I decided to come in with my mom (Theresa) and my dad (Alex).

I thought this was a really nice shot.

And here is a more traditional one which is nice too.

We have arrived. We actually ended up waiting for quite awhile since we had a trio called the GPS Quartet playing live music for us (featuring Miguel Reategui, William Meens, and Jamie Jarvie from the Chinguacousy Concert Band).

I walked into “At Last” by Etta James. However, the musicians couldn’t see me and no one cued them to stop so there was a bit of a dramatic wait when I reached the spot where the ceremony was taking place. This wasn’t so bad because the music was really beautiful and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. It was especially touching since our wedding was just after Etta James passed away.

Aaron seeing me up close with the veil for the first time. Since we did “first look” photos I saved the veil as a bit of a surprise to make the ceremony special.

Here’s a picture of the wedding getting started. The Fermenting Cellar in the Historic Distillery District is just such an amazing space.

This was my good friend Penny doing a reading for us. She read a cute Calvin & Hobbes excerpt followed by a song called “When You Say Nothing At All” by Alison Krauss.

Next my friend Varsha read a poem called “The Elements of Love”. I couldn’t track down the author but it is a beautiful wedding reading.

Me watching the readings – I did end up crying a bit and I don’t usually cry at all so ladies make sure you do bring a tissue just in case!

Then the Minister said a few words in his counsel to the bride and groom. Our minister was Elden Faulkner and he was excellent. He took the time to get to know us before the wedding through a few counseling sessions and as a result was really able to personalize our wedding and make it really special.

Next we exchanged rings.

The Signing of the Registry was next. Our trio played an instrumental version of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

The first kiss!

Finally, finished! Our processional and the song we walked out to was “Till There Was You” by The Beetles.

Here my friend Ronda grabs a quick photo of us before we leave the Fermenting Cellar to grab a private moment and take a few more pictures with our photographers StreeterStevenS.

We did also incorporate a “Love Letter Ceremony” into our wedding ceremony but I’m planning to do a separate post on that since I think it was a really unique element and was a very nice way to personalize our wedding. The flowers were by Flowers Just Because and all other wedding decor was made by myself or ordered from one of the great sellers on Etsy. I’ll be doing another post on the to fill you in on all the details about the decor items specifically.

All photography except where noted by StreeterStevenS.

Lighting was provided by Aaron Kaufman of 5th Element Events.

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Wedding Date: November 2011
Wedding Dress: The James Clifford Collection
Courtesy of: Uptown Bridal

PostWedding4- Ceremony Details…

Posted on December 15, 2011 by  Miss Souzouteki Bride   //   Comment

We knew our ceremony was going to be simple, lighthearted, and fairly quick. So, we decided to keep our decor simple as well…

Program Basket (I wrapped ribbon around the handle & secured a cherry blossom in it), Flower Girl Basket from Michael’s, Card Box from Michael’s (I covered up the black & white print with the left over chiyogami paper from our invitations), Ring Pillow from Etsy (irmart), Star Gazer flowers from Baseline Flowers.

Advice to future brides:  instead of having a program basket, we recommend placing a program on each chair.

all pictures by Diana Carver Photography

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