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Wedding Date: October 2015
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Encore Formals and Bridal

Set the Mood with Lighting

Posted on August 7, 2014 by  Miss Glam Bride   //   Comment

Since I’ll be getting married in the evening, the lighting will be very important. The lighting of a room can really set the mood. I don’t want my reception space to be too bright, but I also don’t want it to be too dark.

Previously, I blogged about purple uplighting. I still want to do that, but only after dinner is over and the dancing begins. Until then, I want simple lighting that will set a romantic mood. This is why I plan on using plenty of candles and dimmed lights.

The reception venue that I want has high ceilings filled with rows of beautiful chandeliers. Thankfully, all the chandeliers come equipped with dimmers. Add quite a few candles on the staircase, bar and some of the tables and I think the outcome will be perfect.

Here are some pictures that show what I’m looking for:


Photo by Here Comes the Guide


Photo by Arising Images


Photo by Aaron Watson Photography

I’m not planning on getting married outside, but this picture is just amazing


Photo by Ladonna Moderna

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Wedding Date: September 2014
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: The Perfect Dress

A Garden Party

Posted on October 6, 2013 by  Miss Romantic Bride   //   Comment

Tea, drapery, landscaped greens, and vintage gold.. how beautiful a combination to create a gorgeous garden scene for your wedding!

Vintage Vases 

Rustic Centerpiece

Magical Ceremony Decor

Candles and Birdcages


Petite Florals

Draped String Lights


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Wedding Date: September 2014
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: The Perfect Dress

Manzanita Madness

Posted on September 25, 2013 by  Miss Romantic Bride   //   Comment

Manzanita trees can be the dramatic touch you’re searching for in your centerpieces or name card table.  With the addition of small flowers laced upon the branches or crystal beads draping them, these trees can embellish your tabletops and surely charm your guests!

Manzanita: 1, 2, 3, 4

Romantic Reception

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Wedding Date: June 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Courtesy of: Lace & Beads Bridal Couture

Centerpieces to set the Mood

Posted on July 28, 2012 by  Miss Charming Bride   //   Comment

Centerpieces are very important – they can either make or break a table’s style and ambiance. Whether you are doing short or tall centerpieces, don’t over-do-it! More doesn’t always mean better. Your guests will need elbow room to eat, talk, and be able to breathe.

In addition to the centerpieces, don’t forget that the tables hold several pieces of silverware, glasses, favors (at times) and other tidbits. Here are some great ideas for round, long tables, outside or inside weddings!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Dery Photography

Photo Credit: DIY Brides

Have the centerpieces reflect YOU…and of course your fiancé too!

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for the love of candles

Posted on June 14, 2012 by  David   //   1 Comment

Everyone knows I love candles!  The more the merrier and the more it reflects drama and creates and ambiance. There are three types of candles to have for your wedding…votive being the smallest, pillar being the thickest yet it comes in a variety of heights, and tapered which is the tallest and thinnest.  My preference is actually a combination of all three on a table.

Now, here are two tips that very few brides ever think about.  First, you need to check with your venue for the fire restrictions to see if open flames (such as candles) are even allowed.  Every state, county and town has their own individual rules, so find that out first before you buy your candles.  Second, don’t over-fragrant your room with candle scents because the power of the scents can affect, or at worst ruin, the flavors of the dinner.

xo ~ David

all photos from Yummi Candles

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