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Wedding Date: August 2013
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Recipe for Love

Posted on October 19, 2012 by  Miss Elegant Bride   //   1 Comment

My father is from Italy so cooking has always been a big thing for my family.  My grandmother made everything from scratch, using mostly what my grandfather grew in his garden, and she always cooked enough for an army!  Between my dad and my uncles they have all claimed their specialties- from sausage to cookies they can all make the most delicious dishes from scratch!

Me on the other hand…I hate to cook!  My grandmother would be ashamed to learn that I would much prefer to heat up a pre-packaged meal or order out, than even begin to “whip” something together!  If I have a recipe and all of the ingredients (and time) I can put together a delicious meal.  So, if you know any brides like me then these bridal shower recipe ideas are perfect!

Send these poems with your bridal shower invitations to collect great recipes from all of your friends and family!

Poem 1

(Bride) and (Groom) will soon say, “I do.”
They’ve got love, but they need to eat, too!
Cooking, baking, stocking the bar:

Let’s boost their culinary repertoire.
“Whisk the egg yolks, bake one hour…”
Please bring a recipe to (Bride)’s bridal shower!

Poem 2 – (With Recipe Card)

(Bride) will soon take on many positions:
Wife, best friend, head chef of her kitchen!
Enclosed is a card, but it’s not to keep.
Please fill it with your favorite recipe!
We’ll present them to (Bride), in hope to impart
recipes that warm not just bellies – but the heart.

(Both poems from Unique-Bridal-Shower-Ideas)

Don’t forget a cute Binder/Box to keep them all in!

and an apron to cook with!

Cooking is an important part of marriage and family so sharing some good recipes is a great way to get everyone (even the non-cooking enthusiasts like me) excited to make dinner!

Recipe for Love

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