Wedding Date: September 2013
Wedding Dress: David Tutera for Mon Cheri
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What About Mom

Posted on September 17, 2013 by  Miss Crafty Bride   //   1 Comment

My dad and my step-dad are walking me down the aisle.  I am dancing with my dad at the reception.  Obviously I’m am looking forward to these moments so this is not to discount them at all, but WHAT ABOUT MOM?  I’m not going to lie, my mom is my BFF.  I drag her out with me shopping all the time, at 31 (eek I said it) I still run everything by her for her opinion even if I don’t always listen, I call her for everything from how to bake a pie to should I put an offer in on the house.  So, I feel it’s only fitting to honor her in some way at our wedding.  But how?  Well, I’ve seen some great ideas that I just may incorporate in my wedding but she’ll just have to wait and see which ones…

  • I could give her special mention during the ceremony
  • I could add a mother/daughter dance to the reception
  • I could have the DJ dedicate a special song to her from me
  • I could give a toast to her at the reception
  • I could give her a special gift

Are you planning something special for your mom at your wedding?


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One Response to “What About Mom”

  1. Jennifer says:

    My mom has been there for me through thick and thin since my parent’s divorce. My dad and I have a very estranged relationship. His name is not on my wedding invitations and I am skipping the father/daughter dance since at this point I am not even sure if he will be attending. Instead, I am having a mother/daughter dance. My fiance and I are having a Disney themed wedding in our hometown and I plan to use the song “A Mother’s Love” by Jim Brickman. I also plan to throw in a surprise video to play in the background during the dance. I think it will be a great tribute to all the things she’s done and continues to do for me and a great way to surprise her and make her feel special.

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