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my big day - January 2012
Miss Ontario Bride


How We Met...

Aaron and I met by a happy coincidence. A good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday at a local pub and another friend planned to join us after attending an already scheduled lacrosse game. In a stroke of good luck, she brought a few extra guests with her (her friend and another friend of her friend). The friend of a friend happened to be Aaron (it didn’t hurt at all that he was tall, dark and handsome with a great sense of humour). A few drinks, a lot of texts, many dates, and a few vacations & trips later – we were a couple. We now live together with our two cats “Weezer” & “Sloan”, our Great Dane puppy “Sleeman” and our foster cat “Foster” (I volunteer for Toronto Cat Rescue).

The Proposal...

Aaron planned a very romantic proposal to take place at Niagra-on-the-Lake, which is a fairly large wine region in Ontario, Canada. We love to go visit the various wineries and have been there a few times. We had planned to take the trip as part of my birthday celebrations so I wasn’t expecting a proposal. In fact, Aaron “hid” the ring by wrapping it in a bigger gift box to disguise it as a birthday present but ended up in a bit of a funny story. When we were carrying our luggage into the B&B I tripped on the stairs and fell on the gift box and crushed it – very classy! When Aaron got back from bringing things in from the car, I asked him if the package was breakable - he just laughed and said it would be fine. He proposed back at the B&B that night when we were enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire in our room – it was private, romantic, and perfect (though I may be a little biased). Of course, it was then I found out what was really in the gift box that I had crushed – a gorgeous platinum, emerald cut diamond ring.

My Big Day...

question – what are the 3 words you would use to best describe your ideal day? Our answer is: unique, sophisticated, and fun. It is our wedding and my fiancé Aaron will have equal input into all of the wedding decisions and it will be a true reflection of us – vintage photo booth for me and cigar roller for him. The venue will be in the Distillery District at The Fermenting Cellar Downtown Toronto. This is a revitalized area that was at one time an actual whiskey distillery so Every couple planning a wedding gets used to answering this it will definitely be unique - now to find ways to incorporate the sophistication and fun…

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