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my big day - June 2012
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How We Met...

David and I met at Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. We had a group of mutual friends there and often saw each other out and about at social events or parties. We crossed paths many times for more than 3 years while at college but it wasn’t until after we had both graduated that we began dating. I moved to Philadelphia for work pretty soon after our first few dates, but despite the distance our relationship continued to flourish (it didn’t hurt that David is a huge Philly sports fan). After almost 2 years of doing the “long distance thing” David moved down to Philly too and we have been living it up in “The City of Brotherly Love” ever since.

The Proposal...

David proposed to me while we were on vacation, a 7 day cruise to Bermuda. Being the type of guy that never likes to give away his intentions he waited until the 5th night of the cruise as the ship was leaving Bermuda before he popped the question. He made a reservation at a French restaurant on the ship and told me to get dressed up for a farewell dinner to the beautiful island of Bermuda. Little did I know we were not just leaving Bermuda, but entering a new chapter of our life together. After a delicious meal, the only thing left was dessert. Next thing I know all of the servers in the restaurant surrounded our table and began serenading me with a song, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. At the same time one of the servers brought out a presentation of strawberries and whipped cream and placed it in front of me. It wasn’t until David reached into the whip cream and pulled out the ring that I realized what was happening. After I accepted David’s unforgettable proposal he put his own finger through the ring to clear the whip cream before placing it on my finger. It was a magical night that I will never forget.

My Big Day...

I have always loved the color turquoise and all things animal print so I wanted a wedding theme that incorporated vibrant colors and patterns. As such, we ended up deciding on a peacock theme. Along with the turquoise I plan to include pops of red and accents of gold. A huge plus for us is that our venue, Cescaphe Ballroom, is located right in the center of our neighborhood in Philadelphia, Northern Liberties. An old converted movie theater, the ballroom is elegant and classic. Most importantly though the food & service are supposed to be amazing! I intend to represent both our cultures which also include Scotch-Irish, German and Polish on David’s side. I also would love to represent our cat, Samantha. We rescued her a few years ago from the mean streets of Philly and she has become a big part of our little family. David is a huge Philadelphia sports fan so we will have to find a way to reflect that as well. Above all I just want our wedding day to be a fun filled event for everyone and truly reflect who we are as a couple.

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