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my big day - May 2012
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How We Met...

After finally getting over a really bad relationship my mom insisted that I sign up for an online dating site. I was pretty resistant at first but I guess I had nothing to loose. After a month of searching I came across this profile that really caught my eye. Anthony just seemed to be so down to earth and genuine. After a couple weeks of chatting he took me out on the most amazing first date ever. So I guess the online thing really does work lol!!!

The Proposal...

As a little girl I grew up going to Traverse City, MI for family vacations every summer. Last year the family decided it was time to take a trip back. It was the 4th of July and we were all sitting out by the lake watching the fireworks. Anthony asked me if I was having fun and I said definately, in return I wanted to make sure he was having a good time and he responded "only one thing would thing would make this vacation better, would you marry me?" Well of course I said yes and here we are now planning our big day!!!

My Big Day...

Every little girl dreams of the big day!!! Especially me. I have always wanted a big wedding. I want flowers and candles to illuminate the whole room. I want the food and music to be great. I just want everyone to have a great time!!!

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