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my big day - March 2012
Miss Traditional Bride


How We Met...

About six years ago, (I am terrible with dates.) I was a student at Rogers State University in Claremore, OK and Matt was working as a boat mechanic in Edmond, OK with my dad. I had known of Matt before officially meeting him from my mom’s weekly phone calls. I think it went something like this, “If he was my age, I would date him. He is so cute!” However, the first time we met we didn’t even bat an eye at each other. Matt was working on a boat and I was getting ready to go tour a College in Edmond. Our second meeting was a little different. A couple weeks later, I was visiting my parent’s and there was a knock at the door. I was surprised, because I was not expecting any one else for dinner. Since, my parent’s were on the phone, I was the first one to answer the door. I just stared at the stranger. I did not remember Matt from our first meeting! Matt says, “I looked like a deer caught in the headlights.” After a few awkward seconds of silence, the man says, “I’m Matt.” I laughed off the awkwardness and let him in. Come to find out, Matt came over to finalize some details with my dad for the fishing trip they were going on the next day. Even though the details were finalized, after dinner Matt and I stayed up talking all night; and not about fishing! From that moment on we were hooked!

The Proposal...

Every Christmas season, I love to look at Christmas lights. So, this year Matt decided we should go to the Rhema Bible College’s light tour, and on December 23rd (Will not forget this date!), Matt picked me up. He surprised me with dinner first. We had dinner and drinks at Los Cabos. During dinner I was trying to talk Matt out of going to Rhema, because you have to get out of the car and walk around to see the lights. It was cold outside and the weatherman was calling for drizzle. However, Matt was adamant of going, so we drove the fifteen minutes to Tulsa. Once we parked and starting walking around, the weather ended up being perfect for December. For the first fifteen minutes, we walked silently hand-in-hand taking everything in: couples and families walking around, millions of lights, horse-drawn carriages and kids sitting on Santa’s lap. Finally, Matt spotted a wishing well off the main path and we stopped to look at it for what seemed like forever. After five minutes I wanted to leave. Matt grabbed my arm and asked me stay. Once the last couple left and we were alone, Matt faced me and spoke a few words from the heart. Then he got down on his knee and proposed. Passing strangers starting cheering and I said “YES!”

My Big Day...

Our wish for our wedding day is to be a small and filled with close family and friends. Our hope for the ceremony is to be intimate, traditional, filled with love, and lots of candles. Our hope for the reception is modern, deliciously decorated, fun, and filled with lots of drinks! Our ceremony and reception will be held at The Broadway in Tulsa, OK on March 3, 2012. It’s filled with lots of modern charm such as, stained, cement floors, brick walls and a huge window that frames the downtown Tulsa skyline.

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